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Records, Documents, and Archive Storage Services

Since 1990 A and P Records Management has been protecting the information assets of Sonoma, Marin, and San Francisco businesses. We store, protect, and manage hundreds of thousands of cubic feet of business records. Our company philosophy is to exceed customer expectations.

The management of records is often given very little attention. However, it requires valuable staff time and leads to other expenses such as storage shelving costs, rent, and lighting. As space availability decreases in your office or home, it can become increasingly difficult to organize and retrieve your archive files. You can get maximum value and utilization out of your office space by storing your archive files off-site at A and P Records Management. Our services are very cost effective and will save you money.

What sets A and P above the rest is the incorporation of customer service into the management of your archive material. We are dedicated to servicing customers with a full-time staff that are specially trained in total quality management.

A and P Records Management offers

  • Pickup and Delivery service twice a day.
  • State of the art bar code tracking system that provides accuracy in managing your containers and files.
  • Data backup performed every 24 hours
  • Clean state of the art 45,000 square foot warehouse that has code compliant, modern day fire sprinkler systems and 24 hour monitored security alarm systems
  • Confidentiality of information. Only authorized individuals from your office and from our records center will have access to your records.

For more information regarding A and P Moving, Inc. record storage program click here or call 800-727-7716.