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Long Distance Moving

As an agent for Bekins Van Lines, A and P Moving, Inc. can plan, coordinate, and facilitate your long distance relocation anywhere nationwide within the United States from the Marin/San Francisco California Bay Area. A and P Moving, Inc. has numerous of its own top quality corporate inter-state drivers providing long distance relocation services with Bekins Van Lines. Several of our drivers are among the best in the industry, perennially winning the national status of “Driver of the Month” and “Driver of the Year”. All drivers go through background checks prior to being employed, and are randomly drug tested throughout the year.

Long distance moves are performed using soft moving padded blankets to protect your furniture. All fabric furniture is stretch wrapped for its protection. Property protection may include floor and wall coverings if necessary. An itemized inventory documenting all furniture, cartons, and other pieces being moved will be written up by the driver. Colored numerical stickers will be placed on each item, which number corresponds to the itemized inventory sheets, and provides a “piece count” accountability for what you are moving. At the time of delivery you will need to check each item off the inventory sheet and verify it has arrived safely. If there is any damage at the time of delivery, it must be noted on the inventory sheets at the time of delivery.

Customized services we provide include extensive crating for sensitive and high value antiques, high value “valuation coverage” requests, multiple pickups or deliveries, local moves from temporary residences to permanent residences, long term storage, advance shipments of cars or temporary housing inventory, and relocation of unique one-of-a-kind inventory items. Some clients relocate to remote areas. A and P Moving, Inc.-Bekins ability to have thoroughly prepared drivers and moving crews is important in successfully relocating these types of moves.

A and P Moving, Inc. has resources to assist with services not typically performed by moving companies. These include some specialized crating, appliances needing electrical or plumbing disconnect or reconnect services, grandfather clocks, pool tables, chandeliers or ceiling fans, waterbeds, swing sets, and other items above and beyond the scope of general moving services.

Bekins Van Lines History

Families like yours have trusted the Bekins Family for generations. Founded by brothers John and Martin in 1891, Bekins began operations in Sioux City, Iowa, with only three horse drawn vans and twelve employees. Since then, Bekins has grown into one of the nation's largest moving and storage companies with nearly 300 U.S. locations. Over the years we have expanded the scope of our services to include tradeshow services and high value products, as well as international relocations.

The heritage of moving and storage leadership written by Bekins began in the horse and buggy days and has continued into the international Information Age. Whereas a strong back was the primary criterion for moving goods in the late 1800s, information technology and 24/7 visibility to shipments define today's moving and storage industry. Not only has Bekins changed with the times, we have led both the national and international industries with many important advancements.

Bekins has led the way in moving and storage through innovation:

  • Bekins was the first to specialize in moving household goods
  • When covered moving vans were introduced, they carried the Bekins name
  • Bekins led the moving and storage business away from horse-drawn wagons with the first motor trucks-1903
  • The first concrete and steel warehouse was built by Bekins-1906
  • The first transcontinental motor van move was completed by Bekins-1928
  • In 1960, The Bekins Company established Bekins Wide World, later known as Bekins International
  • Bekins becomes a leader in residential delivery services, later named HomeDirectUSA-1994
  • Bekins lead an industry consortium to develop the CPM (Certified Professional Mover) program, a CD-Rom based training module-1995
  • Bekins is the first van line to earn CPM status-1996
  • Bekins is the first van line to install a nationwide warehouse and storage management system to assist in order management and tracking-1997
  • Bekins opens a $4M driver training facility in Bolingbrook, IL-1997
  • Bekins wins Industry Innovator Award for utilizing technology to make tracking shipments faster-2000

We continue this innovation with our “No Excuse Price™” program. This is the industry’s only true guaranteed price offering. Other types of estimates are available such as Actual Weight and Services and Not to Exceed Weight estimates. Our “For All It’s Worth™” valuation protection was the first full value transit protection program offering pairs and sets coverage. At Bekins, providing our customers with the best value and service is our main goal.

Our history combined with our continued focus on meeting new challenges while meeting customer expectations have allowed Bekins the privilege of moving families across the globe for over 100 years.

Moving Tools/Resources

Bekins Van Lines and its dedicated partner at is able to provide the following services: